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Our students say

  • Sam's School of English is part of the family that this experience has given me. I have been studying is Sam's School for more than 2 years and i have improved my English incredibly! I have studied all the English levels with them and the teachers and the team are such amazing! To think that when I arrived I almost could not speak English and now i feel completely confident of my language skills. And now that i am also part of the Sam's School Team i am so happy to be able to help the new students in this difficult but incredible experience and also keep this School as great as it is! Thank you! Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Eduardo, Venezuela. CAE Cambridge English
  • Best school to study English in Brighton!! Friendly, helpful and very professional teachers. Not only did I enjoy with them but also, and more important, I improved my English a lot during the time I've been in Sam's school, that lovely people are like my family here in UK. highly recommended

    Antonio, Spain. CAE Cambridge English
  • The best school in Brighton! I've studied FCE Exam with a exam pack! The teachers as well as the atmosphere are amazing!!! – Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Carolina, Spain. FCE Cambridge English
  • Definitely the best English language school in terms of quality & price. I have improved a lot my skills. At the beginning, I started in the Intermediate Level. At the end with some Advanced lessons. It's a amazing English academy! Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Miquel, Spain. INTERMEDIATE General English
  • Samantha is a very good teacher and a wonderful person. Her classes are very fun, she uses interesting subjects and makes you learn English naturally.

    Emanoel, Brazil. HIGH LEVEL General English
  • The best school of English in Brighton. I have had a really good time in there. Amazing teachers and atmosphere 🙂 – Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Claudia, Spain. FCE Cambridge English
  • Great school, teachers and city! 🙂

    Beata, Poland. INTERMEDIATE General English
  • Sam was my teacher for 3 months (5 times a week!). It was a great time. She is very funny and dynamic. Sam is very commited to her job and tried to answer all our questions (and there were many coming from me!). She used to propose different and stimulating activities too. I remember when we saw an exhibition at Tate Modern and then we had to write a review about it.

    Ilan, Brazil. HIGH LEVEL General English
  • Sam's school is like a big family. Wonderful teachers. The best school. Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Cristina, Spain. CAE Cambridge English
  • If someone is thinking of studying an English corse whichever is the purpose, Sam´s school is a good place, affordable and with nice people around. After my FCE course I can said that I have really enjoy it, making the fact of learning English quite enjoyable and I have feel very good. I have done my FCE exam and hopefully I pass, otherwise I have learnt a lot so, never will be a waste of time. GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD LUCK AND SEE YOU SOON!!!

    Isabel, Spain. CAE Cambridge English
  • Livy said: "My husband Leboi attended Sam's school for 8 weeks in the Elementary class. He had a great time, learned a lot and passed his A1 exam after finishing. We're grateful to the school for all their help." Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Leboi, Tanzania. ELEMENTARY General English
  • I like this academy because have a good teachers and you can learn very fast!!

    Lydia, Spain. INTERMEDIATE General English
  • Sam's school is the coolest one in Brighton. If you find another cheaper, it will be worse. I passed my IELTS exam in only 6 weeks stuying in there. Sam Rocks!! – Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Juan, Spain. IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Sam's English school is one of the best in Brighton, if not the best. Thanks to very skilled and prepared teachers, you are going to learn English into an inspiring and friendly classroom environment. Furthermore, prices are really fair. That is why I would strongly recommend it to anyone willing to learn English in Brighton. – Facebook review: ★★★★★

    Merci, Italy. INTERMEDIATE General English
  • My first day at the English lesson with Sam was worrying because my English was really bad and I didn't understand anything of what she said.... But after just a week things changed and my language improved visibly....With Sam learning English was a pleasure!

    Giuseppe, Italy. IELTS Exam Preparation
  • You can also have fun with Sam while learning English. Its not only an English lesson, you can talk about everything in those lessons and it makes the lessons more enjoyable.

    Selin Akisik, Turkey. UPPER INTERMEDIATE General English
  • It is easy to learn English in Sam school because they make useful lessons¡¡ ☆☆☆☆☆ - Facebook Review

    Marisa, Spain. FCE Cambridge English
  • Everything about this school is awesome and lovely! Teachers are qualified and able to impart knowledge very well - in a kind, funny, rememberable way. The school itself is modern, friendly and really central in Brighton. The material given helps to practice the essential skills for the exam (that nearly everybody passes because of the unbelievable lovely and strong support). The prices are completely appropriate and really cheap compared to competitors. All in all: the perfect matching language school for you, if you want to learn English, make a mass of new friends, join numerous well organized events - all in the best English School in Brighton. GUYS, I LOVE YOU ALL AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS ENGLISH HEAVEN! Facebook review: ★★★★★  

    Nico, Germany. HIGH LEVEL General English
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